World Class Perks

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Manifest your Dream Vacation into a Reality! 

What We Do:

  • We do first and business class award booking (and economy too, if you need).
  • We book travel (airlines and/or hotels) with the most efficient utilization of your miles and points. 
  • We find seat availabilities even the airlines cannot find. 
  • We help you acquire more miles and points through various creative strategies. 
  • We save you hundreds and thousands of dollars in travel - flights and hotels. 

If you have tried to redeem your miles and points for flights, you know that it can be extremely frustrating and time-consuming. Utilize our extensive experience and expertise and let us assist you through the entire booking process. We will make it as simple as possible for you. We will navigate you through the complex loyalty programs, find your desired options, help you find availability when the airlines say nothing is available, help you utilize your miles and points most efficiently and help you save a ton of time, thousands of miles and hundreds and likely even thousands of dollars (in a comparable cash air fare, hotel charges or relevant travel expenses)! 

And if you don’t have enough loyalty rewards - be it miles or points - for your desired itinerary or hotel stay, we will help you with ways to earn them with various strategies, such as with current credit card promotions, relevant industry bonuses, buying offers, and many other ways! (Flying is NOT the only way to earn miles!) 

Get started. Contact us to book your award or learn more.